Terraforming Mars component organization game piece

Terraforming Mars Board Game Organization

We know that it can be tricky to know what size of BitsBIns containers will work to organize your board game components. 

So we are working on a resource list of board games that we use BitsBins for and will provide pictures and a list of the containers used.

Our hope is that these examples will be helpful and provide inspiration to see what these nifty little BitsBins can do!

Also, you may notice as we post different examples that we remove most board game inserts. We know that this may not be your preference, and of course that is okay! For us, we have found that even if a game has an amazing insert, the setup and take down of the game once they have been organized in BitsBins goes much smoother and you may find this to be the case as well :) 

Game Box showing BitsBins Containers

Terraforming Mars Board Game Organized
Terraforming Mars Board Game Pieces organized containers

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