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12 BitsBins XL | Containers Measure 3.5" X 2.4" X 1.4"

12 BitsBins XL | Containers Measure 3.5" X 2.4" X 1.4"

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  • ORGANIZE your board games pieces with these nifty containers! No more loose pieces roaming around in your box or little baggies that you can never seem to open or close properly. You will look like an GAME PLAYING EXPERT when other players see how organized you are!
  • Imagine opening your favorite hobby game to find all the pieces exactly where you left them
  • Set includes 12 FLIP-TOP SNAP CLOSED CONTAINERS made of clear and durable plastic. Won't break or crack when dropped
  • COMPACT design makes them ideal for many varieties of board games that have a lot of small game pieces, dice and meeples. 
  • Order your BitsBins XL's today and get rid of all those plastic baggies! Making for a more enjoyable BOARD GAME PLAYING EXPERIENCE

Outer Dimensions:

89mm x 61mm x 35mm, 3.5" x 2.4" x 1.4"

Inner Dimensions: 

84mm x 54mm 33mm, 3.3" x 2.1" x 1.3"



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