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Best bins for your bits

Got an assortment of bins, originals, large and small cards bins. Looking forward to getting the cards in my games out of those funky bags.

These are excellent!

Second time for me, bought for a gift. Thanks!

Needed them!

I finally got my kid Agricola, and good god, so much pieces around. This is a must if you got these heavy duty board games <3

Terrific fit for the game

These cases are just the right size to fit the locomotives and stations for the TTR Europe version. The cases fit perfectly in the molded tray in the box, so nothing changes. In play, the cases make is easier to start and neater to keep all the locomotives on the table. (at least till you get to the last few and everyone wants to know how many you have left). Getting more as gifts for the rest of the family (who all have a copy or two of one version or another of the game).


Great products, help with storing games easier!

Sampler Set of BitsBins
richard rushford
Great product

Really handy. Hoping for a few more sizes, especially deck boxes for mini cards.

Great bins

The are great bins to have

Disease Cube Storage Containers for Pandemic Board Game

BitsBins TRIO Pack, 18 Containers | 3 Different Sizes

Great for figuring out what you need

This is a great set to figure out what you'll need for board games that don't already have a group of BitsBins pre-packaged. Since there's one of each of the bins they make, you can easily load them up with board game pieces to estimate how they'll fit.

Game Changer

I LOVE Bits Bins! Not only do they keep my games super organized, I never worry about parts flying around inside no matter which way I store them. It also makes for faster set up and break down. On some of my more complex, multi-piece games, I label them for ever faster break-down.

Problem with BitsBins…

Once you start, you can’t stop. You start to organize your games and then you think “oh! I can re-organize this game, and that game, and the other game”… It just never ends.

My favorite organization option

When I buy a new game there are 2 things I do before I start playing it. First I sleeve the cards. And then I put those cards into a box. I also love to have my player components, coins, and all of the other small parts organized into their own containers. So all zip lock backs get emptied into bins. An organized game is easiert to setup and tear down so it gets played more. The variety of sizes and options from BitsBins is perfect for most of my needs. The customer service is excellent and it's really easy to hit the free shipping levels.

Perfect bins for organization!

These bins are high quality (with a satisfying when closing), and work for both in-box and during-gameplay organization. I appreciate that they have pre-gathered sets of bins for specific games!

Choo choose Bits Bins!

I’m a fan of everything Bits Bins, but these special Bins for TTR not only help me keep everything organized, they are so adorable with the luggage theme! Perfect shape and size.

Super Useful!

I've purchased several of the doubles AND singles for TCGs and other Games/Decks.
I sleeve all my cards and they rest in the boxes without damaging the corner like other deck boxes.

Definitely will be a repeat customer - Looking forward to my next purchase.

BitsBins Combo Pack

I love these Containers! Perfect for Organizing your Games!

It's Bin Real

I cannot imagine my gaming life without my bits bins! I get so much satisfaction after I have binned a new game. Keeps everything super organized and easy to see what's inside. Also so many other uses than just my board games. My office drawers are now also binned!

I love these little ones. I use them to store small pieces for my board games.
They also fit 6 die (dice) well, my family is big into dice games and these make it easy to choose the set you want instead of them being all jumbled up in a bag (I own many different colored die) and these organize them well. I've bought this size several times and the construction of the plastic is sturdy.

I like these a lot. My only issue is that while they do indeed hold sleeved cards, the fit is still a little too tight for me and it sometimes makes it hard to get all the cards out. I know those plastic sides in the bin are for stability, but I feel they should take those out.

I love these! Very durable and SOOOOOO needed! My older games really needed the storage and these are perfect!

Useful but not for me

I can see many people getting use out of these bins and I do appreciate the free sampler set but I cannot fit my Dragon Shield sleeved cards into the card bins so for me, they have no use in my collection.

Great product

Great product