bits bins game piece storage organization

Check out how BitsBins can organize your board games


BitsBins were designed specifically for the board game addict. Our durable containers make set-up, storage and take-down so much easier. With various sizes and designs, you will certainly find what you are looking for!

Our most popular Introductory set

The BEST place to start with BitsBins is our Combo Pack. It contains 4 sizes of our most popular BitsBIns for a total of 19 Containers. This Combo Pack makes it easy to see what containers work best in the games you or our special someone are looking to organize.


Do you have one of these games?

Check out our list of board games that we have put together that tells you exactly what you need to organize the game and can be quickly added to your cart with one click

- Altiplano

- Clank

- Quacks of Quedlinburg

....Just to name a few

Our list is continually growing so check back often!



About us

Hi! We are Grant and Annalee, the owners of BitsBins. We live in the beautiful mountains of Idaho and absolutely love it... (read more)

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